Minggu, 18 Agustus 2013

Who is ICHIGO48 ?? ^_^

there are so many dance performance and examination in my campus u.u
oke kali ini nisa akan membahas salah satu tim dance nisa apa? yak ichigo48 ..
ok, this time, nisa will discuss about one of my time dance, ichigo48
what is ichigo48? Ichigo48 is a dance cover from malang that cover 48 family, kinda japan thingy
this is how its begin, my friend suggest me a 48 family dance cover, at that time, I was thinking, when will I’ve got this cute dance (usually I do sexy sport dance) 
I don’t have any friend that dance this genre, so I was thinking to ask pusshy…. My multi talent and beautiful friend… I try to suggest her this genre of dance.. and she said okay, then I ask 9step onn pity since she seems so easy going… but we don’t even think about the name… since we need more member, so I ask kak kuma to find another girl members…. Kak kuma then ask help to mas bay, mas bay is the member of ringo48 (48family fans community in malang).. and mas bay introduces us to Desi and Helen….  Since I do have pramuka exercise, they begin to train without me… then another member join us, Dela…. That was exciting…. So we begin our training…. Since desi and Helen already know what kind of song we will cover… its really hard to teach them to dance… since they aren’t dancer… but, with the power of will, they will overcome it….
So, how ichigo48 name been founded? This one is funny, at that time I am on pramuka and cannot join meeting for the dance… it was kak kum, pusshy and kak sam. We already have name list for our team… so kak kum and pushy do suit to decide which name will be used… since pusshy win, she suggest ichigo48…. So this team dance was named ichigo48….

  • Our first competition was on Japan Culture Daisuki 1…. We’ve got 2nd places, yokatta… that was because of the hardwork of our pretty members, our great staff and a lot of support…. That was fun since ichigo48 debut got so many good responses…
  • Our second performance in Japan Culture Daisuki 2… this time ichigo48 become star of the show… we’ve got some change….. what change? Onn pity decide not to join anymore… daijobu and dela with Helen was on UN…. So this time we wont bother them with training and perform….. so how do we solve this lack of member problem? We’ve got 2 new members… fourin and qiqu… how do we get them? Fourin was my pump friend and RDC Malang, so I ask her to join….. then qiqu was from same junior school and ARTURA…. Fortunetly she said yes when I ask her to join…. I didn’t pick them randomly, since there also many factor that make them choosen….. so… at JDC2 we’ve got 5 members, pusshy, desi, me, fourin, and qiqu…
  • Third perform… is on FIB UB… IT8… this time we’ve got full members to perform…^_^)b
  • fourth perform was on skodam…. At Gramedia KompAs fire…. Ichigo become another star of the show… and we fully perform with same song at IT8… 
  • There some bad news after this shows…. A member of ichigo48, Helen got an accident… unconscious for few hours and got some treatment at IGD… that accident cause Brain homorrage and broke her right arm and make her cannot join our next event….
  • Our fourth perform was on  Bunkasai… ichigo48 performing with 5 members… me Pusshy, Desi, Dela, and qiqu…. Since Helen cannot dance and perform, while fourin face UAS… so we let fourin focus her study…. At bunkasai, Ichigo48 got 2nd places… yeeeiii… another 2nd place? Daijobu, at least we’ve got something… we need to thanks god for that….
  • And right now, ichigo48 still exist….

The spirit of the members and staff and anyone who support us, love u all…

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