Sabtu, 15 September 2012

Genie Costume

this time (again),Sone Malang will do Genie Cover Dance
, not only doing the dance, we also prepare the wardrobe for Genie. as usual I'll do the Tiffany Part cover. Wilda Unnie's carefulness in choosing the material really makes our costumes looks perfect

Minggu, 09 September 2012

Halal bi Halal with Sone Malang

oh my SoShi

I feel, a beautiful people just me in here :D

I am with Reinza Oppa

LoL ... this is in game arena ^^

just drawing becoz I have a boring time -.-

Just take picture a drawing on the cafe ^^ so cute
we are sone in Malang  City :D

Minggu, 02 September 2012


Last Ospek Faculty

We are product ^^ .. prolate (provision chocolate) 

I don’t always like working in groups in my junior high school. But I love groups in my  faculty. We’re trying to work on new product "prolate" . Groups have to cooperate, communicate, delegate and depend on each other. ^^